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Student Origami Paper 4" (500 Sheets)

Student Origami Paper 4" (500 Sheets)

Student Origami Paper 4" (500 Sheets)

The Student Origami Paper has 500 sheets of imported paper from Japan. This light weight paper comes in assorted colors with and is 4".
Price: $12.95


Student Origami Paper 4"

500 Sheets of Economical Origami Practice Paper

Genuine Japanese Origami Paper at an economical price.  This paper was specially designed to provide an authentic Japanese Origami Paper for students without giving up the properties that make origami paper special.  This practice paper provides a mix of solid colors on one side and white on the reverse.  The paper holds creases and folds like standard origami paper, just at a lighter weight.  The Student Origami Paper is great for classrooms, churches and other organizations that need a lot of paper at a low price.  Available in 4", 6" and 8" sizes.
 Size: 4"
 # of sheets 500
 Single/Double Sided:  Single 

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