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Origami Flowers and Kusudama Kits

Fold Origami Kusudama Flower Balls & Other Flowers

Buy our instruction books and kits and begin folding beautiful origami flowers. You can learn how to fold individual flowers to make long-lasting flower bouquets or you can make traditional Kusudama Flower Balls.

When you fold an origami flower to give a a gift, you are giving the recipient a gift from the heart. And, the flower lasts way longer than any live flower you can purchase! Once you learn these skills, you will always be able to give a meaningful floral bouquet.

Kusudama is made from a number of identical origami shapes that are glued or sewn together to form a ball. The word Kusudama is made from a combination of two Japanese words kusuri meaning medicine and tama meaning ball. This decorative ball was once used on festive occasions and made from incense and bunches of flowers and herbs.

The Kusudama Origami kits found on this page encompass the spirit of the original Kusudama balls; the individual pieces of paper come together to form what looks like a beautiful ball of flowers. Kusudama kits are fun to create and make great gifts or decorations! Choose from many styles and colors of paper imported directly from Japan.