Italian Marbled Origami Paper

Italian Marble Paper

Italian Marbled Paper

Handmade Marbled Paper Imported from Italy

Bring amazing marble designs to your origami foldings with these bold and beautiful Italian Marbled Papers. Hand-marbled in Florence Italy by 2nd generation marbling artists, this acid-free paper features a stunning, one-of-a-kind array of vibrant colors and patterns. These marble papers are crafted using materials and techniques dating back to the 8th century. Each sheet is marbled by hand creating a truly one-of-a-kind design on every sheet.

When folding these papers into an origami sculpture, you will marvel at the intricate designs and multitude of colors flowing on the face of the paper. The reverse of the paper depends on the design and color scheme, but is generally white, tan or brown. There may be dye spots on the reverse due to the hand-marbling process. The papers are made from a wood pulp and weigh 100 gsm, which is heavier than traditional origami paper, but still folds quite nicely. Enjoy marbling designs such as: Peacock, Stone, Veined, Spiral, French Curl and Waves. If you want your next sculpture to stand out, try using these high-quality and hand-made papers.