Marbled Brazilian Origami Paper

Brazilian Marble Paper

Brazilian Marble Paper

Handmade Marbled Paper Imported from Brazil

For centuries, marbled paper was reserved for only the most sacred and dignified purposes due to its beauty and originality. Today, marbled paper is available to all and is used in a variety of applications. Our selection of Brazilian Marble Paper is hand-made in Brazil by artist Renato Crepaldi. Crepaldi has mastered his craft as a paper marbler. He has been a full-time production marbler in his home studio since 2002. You can truly his experience in the precision of each sheet.

Each color is vibrant and stands out in the pattern. His interpretation of a centuries old technique with modern materials aims to bring to the contemporary environment the mysterious atmosphere of alchemical art. The Brazilian Marbled paper weight is 80 GSM and is available in a variety of styles including:

  • Gelgit: Parallel lines are combed in opposite directions
  • Chevron: An inverted V pattern where the sides meet without interruption 
  • Fantasy: A practically melting pattern of complimentary color
  • Spiral/French Curl: Marbling swirled into circular designs