Korean Hanji Origami Paper

Hanji Paper

Korean Hanji Papers

Mulberry Kozo Papers from Korea

As you fold, feel centuries of refinement in Korean Hanji Paper which traces its roots as far back as the 3rd century. Hanji paper utilizes the inner bark of the mulberry tree like all kozo papers from countries like Japan and Thailand. What sets it apart is the addition of Hibiscus meniot. The meniot aids in binding the pulp fibers together adding a level of strength and durability not found in other mulberry-based papers. The durability of Hanji paper is virtually unmatched, there are documents written on Hanji over 800 years old that are still preserved in Korea.

The durability of Hanji paper is its strength in origami. Be confident is folding and creasing without the worry of Hanji paper tearing. This Korean-made paper has color on both sides, weighs 35gsm and is acid-free.