Marbled Jute Fiber Origami Paper

Marbled Jute Papers

Fair Trade Jute Fiber Paper Handmade in Bangladesh

Fibers from recycled jute rope are cut by hand and made into an exquisite, eco-friendly pulp for paper. Artisans in Bangladesh dye the pulp, and hand-form each base sheet. After the paper dries, the artists hand-marble each pattern onto the sheets. Because the marbling is custom made, every sheet of this decorative paper will be completely unique.

The women artisans that craft Jute Fiber Paper are Fair Trade certified. They are the primary providers for their families and the paper has been sourced at fair prices so that the women can make a decent living. You can feel good knowing that purchasing this paper helps support families in rural Bangladesh.

Jute fiber paper is a heavier paper which weighs approximately 96 gsm but still folds well for origami. The surface is smooth for easy manipulation. The marble design is on the face of the sheet and the reverse is the solid color of the base sheet. The unique marble patterns provide outstanding lines, contrast and color for any origami project.