Thai Marbled Origami Paper

Thai Marbled Paper

Marbled Momi Papers

Hand Marbled Paper Imported from Thailand

Great color, texture and design come together in these unique origami papers. They start with a mulberry bark pulp formed into a lightweight, yet strong base sheet. Then, marbled designs are applied by hand making every sheet a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

Thai Marbled Paper features a smooth surface. It's weight allows for crisp folds and the long fiber pulp provides durability for origami foldings. 

Marbled Momi Paper incorporates crushing and crinkling the paper during the manufacturing process. The result is a soft, highly-textured paper that feels more like fabric. Creases and folds might not be as crisp as traditional origami paper, but many artists have found this paper to be a delight to use in their projects.

Either type will bring a unique look to your next origami sculpture.