The Mulberry Paper and More Family

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Founded in 2007, Mile High Net Stores LLC (originally Positive Ventures LLC), is a family owned and operated ecommerce company. Our business began in a small home-office with a computer and entrepreneurial zeal. Dedicating many late nights and long weekends, Mile High Net Stores LLC has flourished into a trusted source for specialty retail products.

Mile High Net Stores LLC (Mulberry Paper and More) is more than a business. It is the product of a dedicated family of 4 who have worked together in combination of time and talent to create a unique business to share with the world. Jennifer and Rick are now enjoying the results of their hard work as they now work remotely from their home office in Texas. Lexi now runs Mulberry Paper and More from North Salt Lake, UT with the help of our five outstanding employees—Katrina, Alyssa, Autumn, and Gracie. With all hands on deck, we work daily to support, expand, and improve our company so we can offer the very best products and service. By shopping at Mile High Net Stores LLC, you are more than a customer, you are part of our family. Your interest is ours.

Welcome to the family!

Meet the Family

I am the co-owner of Mile High Net Stores LLC and paper expert here at Mulberry Paper and More. I’m the glue that keeps everything running on a daily basis and each day is a collage of growing the business, finding new papers and keeping customers happy! My husband, Rick, and I feel a great sense of accomplishment watching the business grow from a small room in our home to what Mulberry Paper and More is today.  Outside of work, I enjoy batik watercolor painting, alcohol inks and playing with the dogs.

I am the other co-owner of Mile High Net Stores LLC and am the safety and technology expert. I keep all the technology running and up to date, including the websites and communication systems. I also focus my time on running our workplace safety division where we sell products to keep people safe in their work environments.  Outside of work, I enjoy bowling, reef-keeping and keeping up with our 3 large dogs.



I have grown-up alongside Mulberry Paper and More and it is such a joy to see what it has become! For over 15 years I have worked with our papers and I am still constantly amazed by their beauty. My focus is on expanding Mulberry Paper and More through community outreach, informational articles, and soon-to-be paper art classes! In my free time, I love volunteering at some of my favorite non-profit organizations, spending time with friends, traveling, and, of course, paper art and crafts. 


I am happy to be working at Mulberry Paper and More! I manage our impressive inventory of papers and oversee bringing in new papers. I love refining, simplifying, and improving our day-to-day operations and finding new ways to bring paper to our customers. In my free time I love spending time with family and friends and growing my own small board game business. 


I have been amazed by all of the content that there is to produce for Mulberry Paper and More's social media pages. I love being able to market such unique and beautiful paper products while adding a fun and creative twist to promote Mulberry Paper and More. When I am off work, I spend most of my time doing photography, finding new places to see, and playing with my golden retriever. 

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